A-Factor works with everyone that is in the market for a vehicle- whether you have perfect credit, no credit or poor credit, regardless of the reason. We do this with a human touch. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Most people just want to get a new vehicle without any hassle, none of the half truths or double meaning advertising, gimmicks and slippery selling tactics that quite often take place. We cannot change how some dealerships do business but our mission is to ensure that business is done with the utmost integrity.

A-Factor is an enterprising company.  We are an independently owned and operated company who works by contract on be half of many selected franchised automobile dealers.  We do not hold shares or interest in any automobile dealership. 

The dealer network  we work on behalf of must meet a high CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) as well as offer vehicles that are FRONT LINE ready and backed by a manufacturer's certification program. This   enables us to provide the best vehicle from a large pool of vehicles  best suited for the consumer, not  what a commissioned sales person from only one dealership believes is the best vehicle.  This eliminates the need of doing credit applications at multiple dealerships and hurting your credit score, possibly to the point of not being able to purchase a vehicle at this time. 

A-Factor brings BUYERS, LENDERS and DEALERS together. A-Factor is involved from the application and approval process right through to the final delivery of your new vehicle. We deal with all traditional financing institutions such as auto manufacturers, major banks and leasing companies.  We also have sources available to handle loans for less than perfect credit, no credit and even some bankruptcy situations.

The process is very simple.

A. Complete the easy credit application by any of the following methods:

  1.  Our online secure credit application.  Or fax the printable version.
  2. Phone us @ (306)761-2277 or Toll Free @ 1-866-775-2279
  3. E-mail us your name and phone numbers with the best time to contact you (please go to our contact us page)

B. We get you approved and arrange the paperwork.

C. You take delivery of your new vehicle.

 If for any reason we cannot get an approval at this time, we will tell you the steps needed to get an approval.

Good people with poor credit buy vehicles everyday. Stop playing roulette with your CREDIT! This is not a game to us. Getting you that second chance and helping you rebuild your credit is serious business to us. We help you buy the vehicle you deserve.

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