1.    Should I find a car first before apply for an auto loan?

There is nothing wrong with having a car that you would like to purchase in mind, but it is not necessary to have one picked out before applying for approval.

2.    How much will I qualify for?

Once you send in your credit application we can determine what amount you can qualify for.

3.    How much down payment will I need?

That will depend on what you would like your payment to be. The more money down, the less your payment will be. Depending on your credit circumstances, the bank may ask for some money down as well.

4.    Can I use my trade for a down payment?

Yes, you can.

5.    What are the interest rates?

The financial institution will determine that when a credit application has been submitted and approved.

6.    What are the monthly payments?

Your monthly payment will depend on many different factors. The type of car, interest rate, length of the loan, how much money is put down, etc.

7.    Will a co-signer help?

Yes, a co-signer can definitely help. In some cases it may be a requirement, especially if there has not been any credit history.

8.    I’ve had a bankruptcy. Will I still qualify?

In many cases people have been qualified for financing with bankruptcy on their record.

9.    What type of vehicle can I purchase?

That will depend on what amount the financial institution approves you for.

10.    Where do I get my car?

A-Factor works on behalf of many Franchised Automobile Dealers. If we are arranging financing because of past poor credit we have received approval on a number of vehicles selected from our large available pool that match the conditions of your approval.

11.    I am currently leasing a vehicle and would like to purchase it at the end of my lease; can you help me do this?

When the lease is in the last couple of months before termination, call us and we will get the information required and arrange the paperwork for you.

12.    How long does this take?

In some instances you can be approved the same day. Sometimes because of certain conditions applied to your approval it may take a couple of days. If for any reason we cannot get you approved at this time we will let you know what steps need to be taken.

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