Unfortunately the automobile industry has created a lot of mistrust in the consumer by the fast-talking, high pressure, razzle-dazzle sales techniques and advertising. This is one of the main reasons that A-Factor Enterprises Inc. came into being. We cannot change the way many dealers do business, but we can ensure that we do business with integrity. We wanted to make the purchasing or leasing of a vehicle exciting without all the vague or double meaning advertising. Let’s take a look at what to watch out for.

  1. With only $49 down, …… You’ve seen these ads. The reality of this is many people can get approved for a car loan with no money down. Sometimes the bank requests a down payment for approval - remember; it is O.A.C.
  2. No credit application refused,…….That is correct. Why would anyone refuse to take your credit application? Most people believe that because they are applying at some SUPER event and all the hype put into the event that they would automatically be approved. Not refusing to take an application from everyone is one thing, but no matter how badly the dealer wants to move the inventory the bank still bases its approval on their regular criteria.
  3. $,$$$,$$$s’ in credit made available for this event…There is always millions of dollars available to all dealers for financing or leasing of vehicles, so why would this be any different.
  4. Fastest approvals…….. Speed is not always everything. Care must be taken especially when dealing with credit that is less than perfect. Sometimes extensive negotiations need to take place to get terms agreeable to everyone, and this takes time.
  5. 99% approvals…….. Think about it. If you were buying a $25,000.00 car and the bank asked for a $24,500.00 down payment of course you’d be approved.  A high % of approval doesn’t mean the conditions are realistic or possible.

You get the idea.

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